Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Test

Well again the computer system is not letting me post pics. for this post.I've already lost one post, so am starting over . The pics that were selected were dramatic.Anyway. tomorrow when I get my $$$ paying the rent will be the first thing I do, then wash clothes, this isn't important stuff. Am I going to HIGH? That is the question. It will be in the evening before the dealers will come around to collect their $$$ and to sell their wares.I pray that I  don't listen to the voice that wants to get HIGH, but it will be Thursday before I post again.At that I have an appointment at the VA for group, so may not post until Friday. I won't be beat like a SLAVE( using) and laughing at GOD ,WHO has protected so far in this struggle.What I need is a fast getaway from the builoding,, that's not really the answer. They will keep coming back until they're paid. Just DON'T USE! That's the answer.Well I'm ending this session with a LOVE, M

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