Friday, January 13, 2012


How in this rapid moving world is there time to hate because of COLOR? In yesterdays news an apartment complex manager put a sign on the pool's gate saying WHITE'S ONLY.Now that happened in OHIO, but it could have been anywhere about anyone!No I'm not going to ask you to go out and hug someone,or to even tell anybody that you hate them for NO GOOD REASON.I will ask you to remember how it felt when someone did that or said something to or about you to others that hurt inside. How it affected you?Did some coach say you didn't have what it took, someone laughed  at you for your cloths at a party,got bullied in school, another person promoted over you and you KNEW YOU WERE THE BETTER CHOICE? Well that that happens and, or time, how NOT to HATE is the question. I don't have the answers but I feel that when we HATE others we do are self's a disservice. Know one can undo the past, learning how to forgive others and yourselves is the answer. Here is a book which has helped me get over self and be a service to others. The book is----- GOD CALLING, edited by J.A. RUSSELL. Thank YOU and GOD BLESS YOU.

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