Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Well it seems that something is working right.I started this site to let me see in my own words where life ,rather myself , has taken me. I am 62 and started drinking at about 10. Started using WEED in my senior yr. of High School.Been married twice and have a 42 yr. old daughter.Quite drinking and smoking CRACK in 2000. Started USING again in 08. Sounds like I #@*&#$!!.In the yrs which I clean and sober I worked at a Drug Treatment(Recovery) Center.My life now is $*#*!. Now I spend days doing nothing but getting HIGH and spending all my money. I get paid once a month and every month it's the same,owe the dealers for the credit they've given me and pay rent. Some months Didn't even buy any food.I want to change ,at least that's what I tell others, but won't do the things I need to do.This is for me too see in writing, I use to keep a daily journal,maybe what it is I really want. This isn't making sense. I'm at the library and my time is running out for the use of the computer. I had one once but sold it for some CRACK.

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