Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Playoffs and other stuff

 I was here yesterday and using 4 different computers, I had 4 "crashes". So because I want to let all know what's  been happening with MY PICKS. You know I lost both games. The 49ers was the hardest to watch. The same player made 2 mistakes that were GAME CHANGERS. I know he feels terrible, but as a fan #%&**&!!!!. The Ravens missed tying field goal.Now on to the SUPERBOWL, I don't really care for either team.Still I'm going to rah rah rah for the Giants. They have taken my $$$ in several SUPERBOWL'S and I'D LIKE A CHANCE TO GET SOME OF IT BACK.I've never liked New England, no particular reason why ,just don't.Anyway that;s my pick NY by 7.

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