Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Daughter

There are so many things to be thankful for, but mostly my daughter.She was born while I was still in High School. Both my wife and I graduated and she did 1 yr of college.My daughter looks a lot like me, I wanted her to look like her mother and have my eyes.We were a family for 7 yrs.then there was a separation, and later a divorce.My daughter and I have stayed close to each other through the years.She knows more about me than anyone else, sometimes that has included self. She has had a life which I was not a part of for many years, but still there was a connection there. She has had her share of problems but has managed to overcome most of them. She lives alone and takes care of herself, at this stage I can't help her. When I got CLEAN the last time she and I seemed to grow closer and it looked like we may even been able to have a father and daughter,healthy, relationship.Well I blew that. I talked to her over the Holidays and she is getting back on her feet, she had gotten laid off from her job.She knows I'm using again but won't throw it in my face,that has me angry at myself because I don't lie to her about what I'm doing.I'm THANKFUL that she believes in a GOD and that GOD LOVES, PROTECTS,and BLESSES her. She is a beautiful looking, both inside and out, woman and for her I'm THANKFUL today.

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