Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 8

It's getting late and it's been a long day. The longer I stay in treatment the more questions have been put to me and the more I'm learning about self. The Q.Am I sure I want RECOVERY? A.Today I DO. Since I relapsed once before, after 8yrs clean. I can't say that it will not happen again. I don't plan too. My counselor gave me a homework assignment. It has me thinking about just how I was thinking before I relapsed. Not finished with the book, but I can see that I was SETTING myself up for a FALL. I TRUELY don't see it that way. Now I do. Will this help me in the future? Only GOD knows,but with HIS HELP and GRACE I believe I stand a much better chance of NOT USING again, any time soon. That means that if I really want to stay CLEAN HE WILL BE THERE WITH me.Time to say GOOD NIGHT will sign in again Tomorrow. Continue to PRAY with me. LOVE M.

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