Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 4

I seem to have lost much if not all of confidence in self.The last few yrs. I've treated myself like a run away slave. No longer am I going to be treated that way.Even now one or two of the men here  asked  me about how to get sober. What happen to me, or Not to let the same thing happen to them. What or rather HOW did I get the time I had?In these monuments I feel like

and that's so cool.Doing the assignments given to me is taking me back to the where I could really help someone. Don't know what I want after treatment, but one thing I still believe is that GOD is showing me that I can of service HIM and to others.
It's getting late and I still have HOMEWORK to do before bed time. Will be posting again, I hope , tomorrow. Good night and LOVE TO ALL

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