Friday, March 9, 2012

Day 5

Just came from an NA meeting and it set my day just RIGHT. It's been a day of self-discovery all over again.From the time when my roommate woke me up( I was having a dream about a BEAUTIFUL WOMAN coming into my room when he turned on the lights---- pissed me off until I realized I was only dreaming). My land lord , really just the manager had given me a 3 day notice to move or pay the rent by the 12th or she'd take me to court for evcition. It taook 3 calls before I could talk to her . I've been calling since MON. Anyway it got resolved.I'm tired and won't be writting long. In fact this is it. GOOD DAMN DAY.
ready for bed GOD BLESS YOU and MUCH LOVE.M.B

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