Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day 7

Had HOMEWORK over the wknd. The most interesting parts to me were the ones that spoke to SEX and ANGER issues. Both of those areas has and can have the potential for me to RELAPSE. The sexual part because so much of my sex life centered around drinking or drugging off times both, that the two were inseparable.
No form of FANTASIES were OFF limits. That included 2 women at the same time. At this point in my life it's a wonder if I can last with just ONE. HA-HA-HA.One question really upset in my answer. The Q.Are U hoping to continue excessive,promiscuous,or unusual sexual behavior without COCAINE? First of all the VA has done an complete blood work-up of me and I'm DISEASE FREE. Now what do I call unusual?
That isn't unusual it's just MANY men don't and I do.To get back to my A. YES I DO INTEND TO CONTINUE. That isn't a good answer but it is the TRUTH to the best of my intentions.
Now for the ANGER part. I rarely get that way due too the fact that I've learned other ways in which to curb those feelings.There are just a few things that PISS me off.1).People asking the same thing over and over, more than 3 times. 2).My NEED to be PERFECT and when I'm not I get angry at self.3).Anyone attempting to take advantage of me.Well gang, there's no one reading this anyway so why did I say GANG? Just a joke one day someone will stumble upon this site and say DAMN WHAT A SICK PUPPY, again just kidding. It's getting late, I want to shower and than watch the last of the movie THE TAKEN.Good Night LOVE M.

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