Monday, February 6, 2012

Later That Day

As many guessed I didn't make it through the night. Some female company came by and after many ORAL delights,my possible getting back on track was out of the window.After such a bad start I made it worse by continuing to get HIGH. Later that night I had another woman come over, she stayed all night. I didn't STOP using until I had SMOKED up ALL of my $$$$$.What an ASS!!!!!!!Called the VA the next day and told my Case Manager that I would not be at my group.Could not face those people for the first time and tell them what I did.The next day I taked to a friend and was able to see that the SHAME of telling the group was BS.It was my ego trying to look good. I'll be going to the VA thursday and hopely my CM will let me into the group.I'll attempt to post more tomorrow.

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