Monday, February 13, 2012

Going to Treatment

Finally getting a date for treatment.Still getting HIGH though. Seems like everynight someone comes over and offers me something. Friday night a woman I know comes over brought some beeer and CRACK. We got busy and got HIGH. Saturday night someone came over and wanted me to ride with him for some beer and a HIT.Shit I won't say NO. Last Thursday went too group meetiing and told them I had been getting HIGH and they said that was expected that some people would be getting HIGH until  their treatment time.I really thought that I could hold out until then.Aim I just playing games with myself?The longer I stay out the more I get into debt with the dealers. I KNOW I  CAN'T pay them. They just don't know and if I can stall one or two them off until I come back from treatment, I might be able to buy some food next month. Yea I don't go until the 19th of March. 

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