Monday, April 2, 2012

Day 29

This is how I fely when I got to treatment. Alone, at the jumping point. This journey  has been an awakening for me.To see how far I've gone down the path of HELL I went and how GOD has NEVER left my side, that it was me who turned a back. Each day I've been posting a daily meditation and attempting to live.
Had  to stop positing due to a in-house  AA  meeting.The meeting was frustrating because the person leading it doesn't know JACK SHIT about AA or recovery.Some people go to treatment go duck this or that or maybe cause others pressure them to go. My life had gone down farther than I had expected it to and has I was sharing with someone about what had really hit me hard was a few months ago my daughter had some problems and asked for my help and due to my addiction couldn't help her. That hurt so much that was to be only a matter of time before I knew that I had to make a choice about where I was headed. Thank GOD that HE saw fit to give some clear thinking about what I should do, and that was to ask,no beg, for some help.Well I'll be leaving Wednesday and I'm NOT afraid to be back in the walking world once again.Wil attempt to post before then, if not will see you soon. Will still post my daily meditation.

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